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Cartisim [כַּרְטִיסִים] /kartïsïm/

[Noun, Hebrew = cards] A business card is the first impression someone gets of your business. In the modern world of technology, your website is a powerful form of your own digital business card. Let Cartisim help you to build your vision.


Approaching your vision is important to us, we will walk with you to help you realize the realitity of what your application can offer you. How can a website make your life easier? How can a web app or mobile app make not only automate, but grow your business at the same time simplify your life? We would be happy to discuss our business strategies with you, in order for you to achieve a product that reaches your goals.
We develop beautiful Static Websites
But Why have a static website when you could have a dynamic one?
A dynamic Website is a Site that has a backend and has many other functionalities. Not only is it like a business card, but you can also have the ability to have a login portal, Databases, calander Events and so much more. Send us an email and we can help you find out if you need a Web app or a static website.
Backend integrations
Backends are essential to productivity, they store information securely and give you the ability to access needed information wherever you have a browser at your hand. Send us an email and we can help you ge the proper database for your website.
Perhaps you need a mobile app
Welcome to age of Mobile apps. Mobile applications can and will put your business on the map in the 21st century. Need an App? have an idea? Email us so we can discuss building your mobile app and macApps.

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