Build a macOS® App (coming soon)

Hey Guys if you were as excited as I was the first time I opened Xcode® seeing the programming world at your hands for the first time, knowing the potential to have your own mac app out their in the wild like a living breathing machine at anyones disposal at any second of the day, you will love this course. Yes developing an app for the macOS is a little different than the iOS® World, so if you want to see all the ins and outs from start to finish of developing a production app for the app store then look no further.


Build a Web App (coming soon)

The industry is constantly changing in the web app world. People want the best UI/UX yesterday. Developing a web app the guides the mind through what someone wants can be easier said then done. This course will take you from start to finish on building a production web app with a modern approach using React JS and a Vapor Swift restful API Backend to give your customers the best user experience in the modern world of web development. This is your one stop shop for full stack development.


Web Development


Planning a build for an application can seem like a daunting task, whether it is a web app, mobile app or even a mac app. Where do I start and what do I do? may be the questions that you ask yourself. Our minds tend to want results know so we start developing too soon. A successful app has many hour spent planning what you want to build, while at time painful it will save you time, energy, and resources in the long run. So where do we begin? The drawing board, not only do we want to have some nice wire frames and storyboards planned out, but also we need to plan for the future growth and data storage. Questions are great, the more questions you ask finding out why and what the best direction to go is for your use case the smoother your build will go....

Web Applications

Web Apps

Web Apps are the industries way of reaching the world through the internet. Whether it is a simple static website or a reactive application. The technologies seem to be endless and ways of accomlishing a single task there maybe several opinions and approaches. So which technology should you learn? Well that all depends on what you want to do. Some people have very specific goals in learning a programming language while others just want to put food in the fridge. So define what you goal is before you make your decision and remember that persistance and paitience will be needed while you learn how to program....

Swift ™

Swift ™

Swift™ is a great language for enthusiasts to learn if you are interested in iOS® Development, macOS® Development, or even the newly announceed iPadOS® Development. With Swift 5 the language has reached ABI Stability which means it won't change that much as the language ages like a fine wine, allowing developing different softwares to be quite robust. You can do many different things with Swift, it is a complete language. You can build restful API's for your backend development build beauitiful Apps, you can even use incorporate swift on a linux environment for your web apps. The future is bright with Swift!