The World of Development

Planning a build for an application can seem like a daunting task, whether it is a web app, mobile app or even a mac® app. Where do I start and what do I do? May be the questions that you ask yourself. Our minds tend to want results know, so we start developing too soon. A successful app has many hours spent planning what you want to build, while at time painful it will save you time, energy, and resources in the long run. So where do we begin? The drawing board, not only do we want to have some nice wire frames and storyboards planned out, but also we need to plan for the future growth and data storage. Questions are great, the more questions you ask finding out why and what the best direction to go is for your use case the smoother your build will go. So where do we begin?


When ever you have a project a potential whether from a client or personal project you may feel lost in gaining direction. So where do you begin? Define your goal and business requirements. Ask questions, What are you looking to accomplish? What's your budget? How soon do you need you project to be completed? The more questions you ask the clearer you will be able to define the requirements of your project. Never under sell yourself yet be honest, Developing for Clients consists of so much more than sitting in front of your computer coding away, it entails good communication, great customer services and honest reliable expectations. Once you have your requirements have been defined and you are ready to move on to creating Mock ups and wire frames, you may desire to hire the Mock up portion of the job out in creating a beautiful looking website or app if not don't worry use your create genius to give your client what they want research... research... research... the latest designs and popular money making UI designs. You want to create something for your client that will gain value over time for them. But that's not all, UI is important, but UX is probable more important each time a user visits your site or uses your app they need to realize they need your app or find value on your website, in a simple straight forward way reward the user by their visit in giving them what they came for, and to do this your User Experience is vital so you will find that drawing up functional wire frames will be vital in how your app will function. So take your time, and try not to cut corners.


Developing an application can be a big project, Choosing the appropriate technology can make or break the application, so choose wisely. Find out exactly what your client needs, what the audience will be like are they younger or older? How short is their attention span? What are the interests of the visitors you will need to get inside the mind of the user as you develop the application. The latest trends in Technology tend to follow what the modern user wants and needs, the days of plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript seem to be a thing of the past, so never stop growing, and make sure you stay up to date. You will want to get very familiar with the API calls for the technology you use, developing applications is so much more than just opening your favorite text editor and going to town. Dynamic applications are like a living breathing thing, they work with many other sources of code to give the client the desired effect. So spend time studying the different API calls that your program will work with, so you can effectively attack you project.


You Did It!
You Dev'd your first project, now what do you do? There are arrays of different directions you can go in order to introduce you project into the wild. Find out what will not only stay with in your clients Budget, but Find out something that will be easy to maintain. Project Maintenance can be hasslesome, So make sure you have everything written up in a contract, so everyone knows what their responsibility is and what they will get in return. No one like to work for free when you are trying to put food on the table so it's a good idea to have everything in writing. When you host a web app there are many things to consider, Where will you buy the domain name? Who will host your application? If your application crashes how will you make sure it automatically restarts? What about SSL in order for users to securely access your app? Not to mention so many more things to consider when building a production app, So make sure you do your home work in order to deliver an awesome app and make your client a happy customer.

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