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Swift™ is a great language for enthusiasts to learn if you are interested in iOS® Development, macOS® Development, or even the newly announced iPadOS® Development. With Swift 5 the language has reached ABI Stability which means it won't change that much as the language ages like a fine wine, allowing developing different software to be quite robust. You can do many things with Swift, it is a complete language. You can build restful API's for your backend development build beautiful Apps, you can even use incorporate swift on a Linux environment for your web apps. The future is bright Swift!

Feeling Swifty?

So Swift is an awesome language to learn, Why? I thought you would never ask. It makes programming easy, Xcode is a superior editor, and Native apps are just better. I promise I am not biased, good technology is simply good technology and if works fast and is high quality it is an attractive thing for programmers. By learning Swift you can create lightning fast iOS, iPadOS, and macOS applications that people will love, keep reading and find out why Swift is great.


Any programmer is going to make mistakes and probably a lot of them. Who doesn't want help? Who doesn't want an easier life? With Swift and Xcode no only do you get a superior editor, but the language is highly Typesafe, while Xcode at times can being annoying for constantly yelling at you, you will thank it later because it's intelligence will allow you to keep your code proper and secure. Don't worry too much about the details in type safety just realize it's your friend and it will help you develop better applications preventing many errors that humans are good at creating.

The sky is the limit

Learning Swift opens the door to just about anything in the Apple® World and backend development. Native Developers are sought after, So if you have intentions for building iOS, macOS, tvOS®, watchOS®, or the newly announced iPadOS applications then you will want to learn Swift. Each operating system has its unique API's, but the syntax is the same and the principles in developing code are as well. It's a nice way to get your foot in the door of the programming world. Swift does much more as well, you can build restful API's for your backend needs and since Swift is such a safe language to program in you can feel confident in your API's security structure. You can even use Swift in building your dynamic websites. There is so much you can do with Swift, so if it is a goal of yours feel free to explore more.

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