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Web Apps are the industries way of reaching the world through the internet. Whether it is a simple static website or a reactive application. The technologies seem to be endless and ways of accomplishing a single task there maybe several opinions and approaches. So which technology should you learn? Well that all depends on what you want to do. Some people have very specific goals in learning a programming language, while others just want to put food in the fridge. So define what your goal is before you make your decision and remember that persistence and patience will be needed while you learn how to program.


There are so many Languages, Libraries, Frameworks, and so on for web development. So where does one begin in deciding how to approach such a beast of a job? The Basics, well what does that even mean? You might ask, As language grows, everything is built from something, it doesn't show wisdom to re-invent the wheel. So some very smart people build of one language to create another way of approaching web development. Why not just stay the same forever? Well do you remember the internet in the 90s? That's why, there is always room for improvement. So again lets start from the basics, but don't stop there. Don't feel like you have to be an expert in order to move on to more advance things, we are all always learning and no one knows everything. Once you get the basics of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript you can move on to more advanced Frameworks that approach web development modernly. Or perhaps you would like to build Django apps, so start slow and move into more advance python language later down the line. My advice is find a direction you would like to go for your frontend developing skills, grab a thread and keep pulling until it's time to learn something new.


I would like to tell you that backend development is simpler, but then I wouldn't do that to you. However once you get fuller picture of how everything workes in the web development world you will be in a better position to make decisions of the direction you would like to go in developing projects. Basically backend development can be broken into a few areas, language, databases, and servers. What you will see most commonly on the internet are guides for node applications using express or some other Framework which isn't a bad way to go or start off with. Typically, what is popular are people using MongoDB as their database, but that's not to say you can't use other databases like MySQL or Postgres. Whereas Django apps can typically use a Postgres database, there isn't really a right or wrong way just different preferences to accomplish the same task. Some different databases are more robust than others which is why it is important to define your application requirements thoroughly in order to use the right technology for the job. You could always start off Robust planning for future growth, but again a lot of this is going to depend on your requirements in your project management. There are other ways to incorporate a backend on your applications, if you build for instance React Applications you would want to build a restful API in order to communicate with you backend, which could be built in many languages like Swift™, NodeJS, and so on. So the principle to follow is do your homework and plan out the project thoroughly.


Finally, let's talk about breathing life into your applications. There are so many ways to have your applications served. Typically, and engine like Nginx or Apache will serve the project. But where and how is this accomplished. Again you could use a number of different hosting providers to serve your applications, what I have seen most developers do is use rented Linux machines from companies Like Digital Ocean, AWS, or Azure. You could also use companies like Firebase, Parse, and Heroku just to name a few. Throughout my Courses I will teach you how serve your applications on Digial Ocean. For me I find it an extremely cheap way to rent a server by the hour for as little as $5.00 a month. So stay tuned for some Courses where I teach you how to Build React Applications, Build A Swifty restful API For the Backend, and Host it all on a Linux server via Digital Ocean.

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